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Ahh, it has been one incredible year! I got married, shot some amazing weddings, began the crazy process of transitioning my business to primarily shooting film (best business decision ever next to starting it entirely…haha) I crossed many things off my bucket list (yes, I actually have one of those) made the sweetest memories with new and old friends, […]

Rebranding is in the air! I am so excited to be working with Ravyn, of Three Fifteen Design on this HUGE change in my business! She has done an incredible job and making my brand feel more like “me”. The stationary is only the small peek into the big picture though. A new website and blog […]

This may be different from what I’m normally posting, but I got so many cool shots from this trip I felt like I had to share them. Plus, we’ve been experiencing flooding and tornado warnings all day so why not reminisce on warm, beach weather? My summer season definitely started off on a super exciting note! At […]